Osmosis the poet and osmosis the theory are powerfully similar; the process by which information or concepts comes to a person without conscious effort, educates, empowers, encourages, enlightens and entertains with masterful metaphors and creative use of structure and language. This Clarksville, Tennessee native is a man of inspiration, who is passionate about sharing his thoughts with a brilliant sense of history thru spoken word. 
He started writing poetry at 15 and not realizing he was a young poet, he put his words to beats, and like most, called himself a rapper. He was a typical young boy in most ways, but when it came to seeking knowledge, he could not get enough of reading, and embraced it with maturity beyond his youthfulness. I became addicted to knowledge at a young age, and I liked to talk about all the time. I felt like a street preacher giving sermons to anyone that would listen. The feeling was incredible, because I knew I changed someones life with my thought-provoking phrases, mind-blowing stanzas and accentuated tracks, he remarks. 
Osmosis appreciates poetry, but he does not write poems. His spoken words are recitals of stories with plots, characters, beginnings, ends and most importantly, substance, which will have hearts, souls and minds wanting more from this prolific writer who understands love, life and pain. Writing is his way of expressing his feelings and brings out the diversity of his personality, emotions and conceptual story-telling. 
His diversity is so prevalent in his 2006 and 2009 book releases The Sunshine From Behind the Mountain and The Black Soap Box, respectively. He write stories of love with the help of his alter ego, Mick Swagger, but Osmosis is the writer, producer and director and like his historical orators, he stands behind the mic with his feet firmly planted on top of the soapbox, so he can be heard as his words uplift a culture, change lives and make dreams come true. 
He has great admiration of rap and the culture of hip-hop and thinks the creative and intellectual works of Tupac, Mos Def, Common, Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco is phenomenal in delivery, metaphors, lyrics and substance. Situations and the power of music inspire me and controls how one thinks and reacts/ Osmosis and 720 Records have collaborated and the power of music and words of wisdom will release an album yet Untitled and his plight to educate, empower, encourage, enlighten and entertain will continue as the world gains knowledge thru Osmosis. 



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